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Sometimes gift giving can be a bit stressful. There’s always that someone that seems to have everything or the someone that you just don’t know extremely well. First you procrastinate, then you second guess yourself.

“Is it their color?”

“Is it expensive enough?”

“Is it inexpensive enough?”

“Is it the right brand?”

“Is it the right size?”

and of course, “Do they already have it?”

Lucky for you, a journal is an easy, thoughtful and practical gift all wrapped into one. There is no wrong or right color, wrong or right price tag, wrong or right brand or size, and guess what? If they already have one, now they’re just a step ahead! As far as journals go, having an extra one or two up on the bookshelf just makes you feel more prepared for upcoming adventures. Below you’ll find a few cute journal options to help kick ya off in the right direction. A journal can be an amazing storybook — help the explorer you know solidify theirs!



Do you have a favorite not listed here? Share in the comments below!

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